CTF Announcement + Prize

Firstly, thanks for being here. This blog is designed to share my knowledge and experience with the rest of the community.

This is my first post and I am still working on others (very busy at the moment). This blog is still under construction but I really wanted to get this out here 🙂

It was an idea that myself and @bootlesshacker came up with recently. We are currently collaborating on a new box together. Think the idea came after a few beers and has a unique kind of incentive. We have decided to reward the first person to complete the box including a detailed write-up with vouchers to TryHackMe (was put to a vote on bootlesshacker’s twitter).

The idea behind it is simple – both me and bootlesshacker care about giving to this community. By creating a box with the incentive, we hope to attract more people to try out the machine and share knowledge and experience with each other.

We understand this may put off some people just getting into CTF challenges, but we encourage everyone to have a go and get a feel for the box as we plan to release a series of them in the near future. Other boxes may have different prizes and we may review the process later.

So watch this space – soon we will have a shiny new box for you get cracking on!!

Thanks all and stay safe during these strange times.